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The Incident

On March 1, 2012, Christopher “Chris” Tarbert was working in his official capacity as a Ranger Security Officer, patrolling Summit Square Apartments—protecting its residents and premises from Crime, Violence, and Criminal Trespassers. Officer Tarbert was wearing his distinctive required uniform and carried his properly licensed duty firearm that he was required to carry in the course and scope of his duties.

But, tragically, just after 11:00 p.m. that night, Officer Tarbert was required to defend himself and his partner from deadly force, which was attempted against them by Mr. Dante Price.

Price, who had never resided at Summit Square Apartments, was Criminally Trespassed from entering all Summit Square Apartment property, because he had previously committed acts of Violence to apartment residents and had caused damage to apartment property. During the year leading up to this incident, multiple Ranger Security Officers had repeatedly warned Price that he was Criminally Trespassed from all Summit Square property, and that he was violating Ohio Law each time he stepped foot on or drove on Summit Square property. The Dayton Police Department had been called out to Summit Square Apartments because of Dante Price no less than 10 times.

On March 1, 2012, Price illegally entered Summit Square Apartments, and was detected by Officer Tarbert and his partner. The officers stopped Price and notified Dayton Police that Price was Criminally Trespassing, again. While the officers tried to detain Price before the Dayton Police arrived, Price combated the officers and engaged them with Deadly Force. Price revved the engine of his Cadillac and drove towards the officers, attempting to run them over. The officers had no choice but to defend themselves against Price’s use of deadly force by firing their duty weapons at Price in self-defense. Tragically, Price perished.   

Chris Tarbert and his partner immediately cooperated with the Dayton Police investigation, and both testified at great length before the Montgomery County Grand Jury. Both officers’ use of deadly force was JUSTIFIED according to policy and procedure by the Chief of Ranger Security.  

Soon after this incident, there was significant public outcry by special interest groups, claiming this incident should be labeled a “HATE CRIME” and “A CRIME AGAINST SOCIETY.” Special interest groups rallied in front of the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, and spoke at City of Dayton Council and Montgomery County Commission meetings—attempting to use politics to influence an Indictment against Officer Chris Tarbert and his partner. 

As a result, Officer Chris Tarbert and his partner were both INDICTED for MURDER and ABDUCTION!

Chris Tarbert defended his and his partner’s life on March 1, 2012. Chris is 32 years old, with a fiancé and a young son. Chris’ family has retained an experienced law firm to represent him. But, the costs to defend Chris are significant—and will be well in excess of $100,000.00. Because of this, we are asking for your help! Any donation you can make to help with Chris’ legal defense is greatly appreciated. We are asking for help both in the short-term and in the long-term. If you can make a one-time donation or subscribe to a monthly donation, we would greatly appreciate it! Moreover, if you can spread the word about Chris’ cause to your friends, family, community, and church, we would be forever in your debt!

This incident was an unfortunate tragedy for all parties involved. But, Chris Tarbert is not a murderer! At all times, Chris acted in his official capacity as a Ranger Security Officer and had no choice but to use deadly force in self-defense! 


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"With a Criminal Justice Degree myself and involved in security also, a case like this hit's close to home. It's a sad world when security guards put themselves at risk to keep other's safe, yet, seemingly have little right's to protect themselves when it comes down to it. How can we protect the public, if we are not even granted the trust and authority to protect ourselves? Sad this has become an issue of race rather than a simple issue of obvious self-defense. He has my support." --Robert William Hobbs, Facebook supporter